Management Practices

Most of this is taken from “What really Works,” HBR, July 2003

Strategy– Whatever your strategy, it will work well if it is sharply defined, clearly communicated, and well understood.

  • Build your strategy from the outside in, based off of what your customers say.

Execution– Develop and maintain flawless execution.

  • Put decision-making authority close to the front lines so employees can react to changing conditions.
  • Strive to eliminate waste.

Culture– Hold high expectations about performance.

  • Hold employees accountable:
    • Define Expectations
    • Measure performance
    • Consequences (Rewards/discipline)
  • Inspire managers to do their best.
  • Empower employees to make decisions.
  • Reward achievement with pay based on performance.
  • Pay psychological rewards in addition to financial.
  • Create a challenging, satisfying work environment.
  • Establish and abide by clear company values.
  • Ask employees, “Why did you get into healthcare?” Then let this motivate them to come up with creative solutions to complex problems.

Structure– reduce bureaucracy and simplify work.

  • Establish systems for the seamless sharing of information.

Innovation– be relentlessly perspective instead of reactive.

  • Apply new technologies to enhance operations.

Talent– Winners hold on to talented employees.

  • Create and maintain top-of-the –line training and development programs.
  • Keep senior management involved in selecting key positions.